Planting Seeds


I2015.01.14 1121f you plant an apple seed, tend it well, prune appropriately and care for the flowers, you would expect nothing less than a good crop of apples. A cherry pit should provide a tree full of red fruit. A peach tree should only produce peaches. It is what is expected.

One would never look to an apple tree for a banana, or a palm tree for grapes. Seeds produce fruit of their own kind. We expect nothing less.

Yet, somehow, we are surprised when words of hatred, anger, bitterness, and violence are planted and do not reap a harvest of love, unity, and peace. How is it possible that we do not understand that the seeds we plant will produce its own crop? And are we unaware that a single seed, a lone grain once planted will produce a great number of seeds in turn?

One word of hatred does not result in one hateful act, but can sprout many. One act of injustice does not grow one isolated action but produces many.

Thankfully this truth applies to those acts of kindness, those words of love, those seeds of hope that we plant. For every gracious deed, many sprout. For every word of gratitude spoken, many take root.

We all plant seeds every day and the harvest we reap is the fruit of that labor, for good or for evil.

What harvest are you reaping today? What seeds will you plant tomorrow?

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