What in the World are We Doing?

Turn on the news. Open the paper. We see it every day and as history repeats itself, so does the brokenness and pain.

Violence, war, and refugees. Skittles, vitriol, and isolationism. Repeat.

Racism, division, and hate. Take a knee, shoot a man, and riot. Repeat.

Over crowded jails, underfunded schools, and broken communities. Corporate greed, disconnected parents, and political self-interest. Repeat.

What are we doing? Can’t we break the cycle? Can’t we change history? Isn’t there a better option?

Love, listen, and learn. Weep with the hurting, embrace the broken, love our brothers and sisters. Repeat.



Finding Balance

Balance is critical to a successful life. Like a tightrope walker in a circus working without a net, perfect balance keeps us moving forward rather than falling.

Unfortunately, our nation is out of balance today and the results are going to be catastrophic. Too many have chosen an extreme side of every issue. And rather that seeking solutions or viewing options, we deal in absolutes. We live in a world where there is no longer any discussion in the grey areas of life.  You are either for the topic or against it. You are either fighting or defending. And in the process, we are falling into the abyss.

When did this start happening? At what point did we decide it was better to fall to our death than find a middle ground? When did our outspoken and over-stated points of contention replace civil debate and resolution?

If we aren’t careful, our lack of balance will take us beyond the point of no return.



Let the Discussion Begin

I’ve been trying to think of ways to make a difference in this broken world. I’ve been hoping that an answer might enter my mind and work its way to my heart. I’ve been praying for solutions. I’ve been begging for insight. I’ve been dreaming of a cure to the ills that ail us.

But nothing has come. I have no grand plan. I have no vision that will make it possible to achieve peace. I have no agenda or 10-point plan.

And so I turn to you, my brothers and sisters of faith, my global family. What is the solution? What actions have you taken to bring justice to your corner of the world? What movement have you made to help with the healing?

I want to hear from you. I want to start the discussion. I want to have a dialogue of hope and peace. What are your thoughts?

Where in this world do we begin?